Your creative self

This small art workshop took place in London in October 2016, in collaboration with a charity named Women's Federation for World Peace, as part of a series of monthly hands-on workshops to help empower young women.

 The idea behind "Your creative self" was to include art in our process of self discovery, and use a series of creative exercises as tools for self-reflection. The first exercise was drawing a tree and write on its roots all the things that give you life, nurture you, make you who you are. The concept was open for interpretation. Afterwards, a few people shared about their trees.

The second exercise consisted in two parts. In the first part, every person was given a square piece of paper that represented "their own land". Everyone painted it differently and the idea was to be as spontaneous as possible.

The second part of the exercise was inspired by John Donne's poem "No man is an island". So on a large piece of paper, everyone placed their "lands" and as a group, they needed to find ways (through painting) to connect to the other lands.

Lastly we had some moments of sharing about each others work, and giving each other positive feedback. Hopefully this aftenoon helped the participants to get some insight about themselves and their creative potential.